Craig Halloran
Publisher: Two-Ten Book Press, Inc.
Pages: 216

**This eBook series is available in a boxed set called Zombie Impact.**The World Humanitarian Society's plans for population control have just begun.After escaping the occurrence at WHS Facility 111, the Zombie Day Care, Henry Bawkula and his fiancé', Tori, find themselves under the thumb of the WHS once again, just a few miles down the road.Meanwhile, in Washington DC, two powerful men of the WHS begin to pull the strings of the latest advancement of the XT Formula and initiate another diabolical attack on the lives of those who know too much. However, the WHS isn't without its enemies. From an undisclosed location, another handful of heroes arise and attempt to stop the WHS's from creating a new world order with another Zombie Outbreak. And the zombies, equipped with new technology and the modified XT formula, begin another siege on the occupants of the Zombie Rehab. Mindless and ...
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