Ann Contorno
ASIN: B009P20612
Publisher: Services LLC
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Want to know how to avoid getting cheated, scammed and horsewhipped by the modern contractor?The world of Home Improvement has become popular since we find ourselves needing to make the most out of what we have in today's world. Yet, the most grueling task isn't the remodel itself but finding a contractor to do a great job at a reasonable price. It seems to be a minefield of costly mistakes for the average homeowner or investor/rehabber.NO MORE!In this illustrated guide, you will learn how to safely avoid million dollar mistakes and have your project handled correctly, efficiently and beautifully. All WITHOUT being bullied or wasting money.With this Scam-Repellent book, you'll discover how to:Pick quality home improvement contractorsTurn out quality home remodels/rehabsAvoid scams, shoddy work and lawsuitsSave LOADS of cash… and much more! …This FANTASTIC guide even provides ...
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