David Dickinson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 49

'The stories are atmospheric, fast-moving, ingenious and very enjoyable.' - Roger Johnson, The District MessengerThe White Pearls of the Romanovs were among the most famous jewels in the world. Won at a late night gambling session at the Pushkin Club in St Petersburg, they eventually came into the possession of the British Duchess of Alcester as part of her dazzling jewel collection. One evening they are stolen from her neck at the Majestic Hotel in Brighton.But Mycroft Holmes is a guest at the same hotel. Confined to a wheel chair, the Auditor of all Government Departments,and the brother of the country's most famous detective, has been sent to the seaside by his doctors to avoid a complete breakdown. At first he is reluctant to help - even his brother Sherlock cannot rouse him. Eventually Mycroft takes the case. But what brings him back from the dead? And how exactly can he solve the ...
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