Eugenia Viteri
Publisher: Jane Knows Intellectual Property, Inc.
Pages: 156

These heartwarming stories from Ecuador celebrate the humanity in us all. The motivations which lead me to write stories about my surroundings were rooted in a tremendously unequal and unjust society where many people could only dream of happiness and affection. My characters have lives that are as different as the disparate realities they face without any immediate opportunities to improve their conditions. Many of the poorest people were born into and grew up living in situations which they did not choose, yet they must take responsibility for them. For me, writing is a genuine act of love, an expression of solidarity, of comprehending the incomprehensible. I love everything I have written even the successes and the shortcomings, because I left pieces of my soul in all of it. I do not know the exact role of literature, but if it can help someone in the world grow as a human being ...
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