Claire Thompson
Publisher: Romance Unbound Publishing
Pages: 148

She lied to save herself... Now she's his for 30 days...Carly exaggerates her BDSM experience for the chance to sign on at an exclusive BDSM auction house. Broke and desperate, she hopes it’s the perfect way out of her troubles. Then she meets the man who purchases her contract...Filthy rich and sexually dominant, Adam is used to getting exactly what he wants. With no time for the emotional complications of romance, bidding on a highly trained sex slave strikes him as the ideal solution. But Carly is more than he bargains for…Unaware of her novice status, Adam pushes Carly’s every erotic and submissive boundary, capturing her heart in the process. There’s no place for romance in Adam’s dark and dangerous games. Though he always gets what he wants, he might have to let her go to protect her… from him. previously titled: The AuctionEditor’s note: All the books in this series are ...
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