Chuck Morris
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 28

Drinking Water - Before Bottled Water we had a Garden Hose (Detoxification) “Chuck covers different aspects of water, the importance of drinking clean water and my favorite part - how to dig your own water well!” D. Friedman “Water is the only drink for a wise man.” Henry David Thoreau“Water the soul of the earth”  Robert A SwansonAmazon Best Selling Author Chuck MorrisAre you drinking enough water?Do you think drinking coffee or soda pop is all you need for liquids in your body?Do you know how often dehydration is the underlying cause of disease?Do you just assume water that is bottled is safe?Inside this essential guide on Water you will discover how to:Test your WaterChoose a Water FilterPick the Best Bottled WaterDrink the Right amount of Water for your body type and weightDrill a WellReady to grab your copy of 'Drinking Water - Before Bottled Water we had a Garden ...
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