Evelyn Roberts Brooks
ASIN: B009TI09I2
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Pages: 105

Updated 2019. Do you have a lifelong pattern of sabotaging your own success and happiness? Many people do! It doesn't need to take years of examining what you did wrong—in fact, that kind of attitude will actually make the problem get stronger and more invasive in your life. Learn to apply the universal laws to your daily life, in easy steps that you can start using right away.In this volume of the "Born to Triumph -- Start Living Your Greatness" rapid results book series, you'll learn the five ways to stop shooting yourself in the foot so that you can finally get on the right track to all that you desire in life: love, happiness, health, success and prosperity. If you're sick and tired of being your own worst enemy while you watch others enjoy the results you would love to have yourself, why not take a leap of faith and try something new? The real problem is that you've been ...
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