Dominic Vonbern
Publisher: 23 Karats
Pages: 23

The Metaphysical Field:During The Reign Of ChaosChapter 2/3The metaphysical field surrounds us all. It is the field of life, of consciousness.Through the metaphysical field, I have seen…-The ability of women to communicate without speaking. This extraordinary ability has a purpose, which you will soon discover.-The origins of mankind and the differences between races, as will be clearly shown. The explanation of what you call ‘racism’ is actually the ‘resonance of group’, which will be explained clearly for the first time.-The substance discovered by Albert Hoffman can be used as a tool. It leads to a paroxysm of the clearest visions of the other side. The guardians, the unbreakable particle, and the entities of the ‘Arena’ have been revealed.We are living in the reign of chaos, right now. It is how the ‘elite’ have modified your mind for their own profit. You provide ...
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