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Yoga is an exercise and meditation philosophy that has been taking the United States by storm over the past several decades. Yet many are unaware that there is an entire, ancient religion that prefaces this phenomenon. Yoga is one of six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy, and "Yoga Sutras of Patanjali" contains 196 aphorisms that form the basis of Raja Yoga. Patanjali uses his text to explain different facets of the philosophy, leading people to achieve kaivalya, the ultimate goal of detachment. The sutras begin with the most basic concentration, and then progresses to discipline, manifestation, and finally, emancipation of the transcendental ego. Patanjali also explains how one can find the path to kaivayla with the eight limbs of Yoga; nonviolent thoughts, cleanliness, healthy living, meditation, and others are explained as essential actions to achieving selfliberation. Patanjali ...
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