J. O. Osbourne
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 118

Zombie! Zombie! Apocalypse: Doomsday QuarantinedThe zombie apocalypse has begun in Kentucky and has been spread across the entire Eastern Standard quarter of the United States. College students Mandy, Mike, and Jack have to escape the epidemic with a teenager in tow, but what happens when one of them joins the undead?Excerpt:The rubber-men are walking up and down the medical room, gathering the data the now dead doctors and nurses had compiled. They didn't see the infected nurse, as she stood up on trembling legs and approached them.Sensing the faint twinge of life that still hummed within me, several of the dead bore down upon me, with mouths wide open to tear at my skin. My slowing heart flutters in my chest. I was right, I want to shout. I never lied; I was right all along!
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