David Mercier
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 318

Grand Prize Winner, 2013 Nautilus Book AwardsIn this poetic and inspirational look at the essence of health and healing, David Mercier offers a view of medicine that emphasizes the necessity of including the psychological and spiritual dimensions of the human experience into healthcare.Weaving threads of memoir throughout the book, he illustrates key ideas with childhood stories of growing up with a militaristic father, his years as a hippie, and then as a Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka where he went to practice mindfulness meditation. After becoming ill and depressed there, he returned to the U.S. and began using complementary and alternative medicine to restore his health. Now, with over three decades of experience as an acupuncturist and practitioner of holistic medicine, he offers his insights on health, healing, and medicine—and on the ingredients of a peaceful and and vibrant life. ...
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