H.A. Rey
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
Pages: 48

The storybook that marked the first appearance of the beloved Curious George!Cecily is a lonely giraffe with no playmates. Her family and friends have all been taken away to the zoo. So her spirits rise when she meets Mother Pamplemoose and Baby Jinny, James, Johnny, Arthur, David, Punch and Judy—and Curious George. These nine monkeys have no home, because all the trees in their forest have been cut down. Now they’ve all teamed up and are about to share an adventure in this delightful story by H.A. Rey—the precursor to his classic picture books starring the clever and mischievous monkey.“There is originality and a childlike humor in both the amusing antics and engaging pictures.” —Booklist
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5 stars from 64 ratings
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