Elaina Davis
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 98

Genre: Christian Fiction "Clever Little Book," is the first of an AMAZING Series that uses simple Biblical concepts to Uplift and Encourage the reader. All in a Fictional experience that is Exciting and Inspirational, "Clever Little Book," brings the Holy Scriptures to life in the lives of it's readers! This story offers a fresh approach to the scriptures that will make them more easily understandable, all under the guise of a beautiful love story. It's the perfect Gift for someone you want to introduce to Christ, but that you DON'T want to feel intimidated or forced. Easy to read and love, "Clever Little Book," will quickly become a favorite! The characters are endearing and the adventure never ends as their mundane lives are suddenly immersed in a perfect blend of Fantasy and Spirit. As the main Character Isabel, stands down at the dock daily believing her love will one day come in on ...
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5 stars from 10 ratings
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