Jessica Jayne
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 224

Why Choose This SetThe late Princess Diana had already been dead for more than a decade now, but she’s one of those whose memories forever remain, particularly in her sons. She was the kind of woman Britain wanted for a princess, and her fairytale marriage to Charles had been followed by the media from her wedding to her own death in 1997. The former Kate Middleton is the embodiment of a modern day Cinderella. She didn’t scrub floors and didn’t have wicked stepmother and stepsisters, but she turned from being a commoner to a princess when she stole the heart of a real prince, William. This book on Kate Middleton will inspire you and prove to you that fairytales do exist. Kate is proof of that.Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, is one fascinating woman. Her being Prince Charles’ mistress and lover for more than three decades is what lends color to her life. This book is an ...
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