Vince Guaglione
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 59

The Narratives series of works is a collection of short introspective essays written by an average guy in an effort to better understand himself, his life, and his relationship with the world around him while traveling the road of self-discovery. These works can best be described as the author's unique brand of journaling, encompassing both self-reflective entries, and an expression of thoughts and opinions surrounding social issues of the present day.The Narratives: Keeping The Soul Alive documents the author's journey through the grieving and mourning process following the death of a loved one, as he copes with his loss and begins the process of reconciling his life. The emotions the author struggles with are both strong and palpable, and are plainly on display throughout, making this a work that is both heartfelt and tumultuous at the same time.The Narratives: Keeping The Soul Alive ...
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