Shane Edele
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 92

Do you want to be a professional actor or actress in Hollywood? Whether you're considering acting as a hobby or a full time career (as a movie star!), breaking into the acting industry can be overwhelming, time consuming, and expensive if you don't know what you're doing. With the right knowledge, experience and resources, in no time at all you could be represented by a big shot Hollywood agent and possibly see yourself on the big screen even if you've never acted before in your life!Let a professional who's learned the ins and outs of the acting business show you exactly how to get into acting. How To Become An Actor In Hollywood is the exact, step-by-step blueprint for going from a complete “newbie” in Hollywood to a paid professional actor. You're about to learn: • What new actors must do to get auditions and gigs even if they don't have an agent or have never acted ...
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