Darlene Franklin-Campbell
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 301

Cupcake McQuade has spent her entire life taking care of people, first her ill father, then her depressed mother and morbidly obese sister and now her Alzheimer-ridden great uncle, Faucett. Named after a birthday treat, her existence has been filled with taunts, hard work and heartache. Through it all she has loved one man, Bob "Pork Chop" McQuade. Although Bob hasn't exactly supported her emotionally, contributed financially or believed in her dreams, Cupcake has always seen the "good" in him, even condoning his eccentricities and supporting his devotion to a group of conspiracy theorists, The Mount Moriah Spiders, but when Bob becomes a missing person, she fears his conspiracies may be true and reluctantly accepts the help of a critical sheriff, Daniel Ransom. When the two of them take to the trail to discover Bob's fate, they each discover truths about themselves they're not quite ...
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