Manna Francis
ASIN: B00A64985S
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 343

Power Writes Its Own RulesGaining it, keeping it, or losing it, control is more than just a game--it's a critical tool for survival. No more so than in the Administration, where the Investigation and Interrogation Division's Val Toreth faces professional and personal hazards every day. And when an attack on one of the most loyal and valued members of his investigative team makes the professional very personal indeed, Toreth finds himself entangled once more in the darker side of corporate life and crime. He'll need help, not just from his colleagues but from his "regular fuck" Keir Warrick, to make it out the other end safely.Even away from their offices, Toreth and Warrick find that their jobs create challenges and tensions that threaten their relationship, because finding a balance is all about knowing when to keep control and when to let it go.The fourth book in the Administration ...
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