Steven Kandas
ASIN: B00A92428K
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Pages: 79

This is the second story in the book The Evil With-in and this is one interesting story that we never know what we are getting when we buy a pet. Diesel sets the tone for one thrilling ride which will take to a place that we never wish to see or go too. It will twist you and turn you to where you wonder if there is an end. Evil lurks around us and there are always two sides in us as well. We have have good and evil in us. It is up to us to follow which is a greater distraction in our lives. There is always a voice in side us telling us which direction were going. The problem is sometimes we hear voices and are not really sure where are coming from.Remeber I tell my children; The things we do today will effect us tomorrow, so remember to make the right choicesRemember to watch for book 2 - The Eyes Behind Youbook 3 - EYES IN THE DARK it will be out shortlyGood luck and remember to keep ...
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