Stephen Paul West
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 45

Nuclear war in the Middle East - mere fractions of a second cut the world's hopes into rags.Peace in Gaza. Shocking. Stunning and Beautiful This is the most powerful story of our time. Prepare to be touched to your core.Three souls wander the very place where twenty years earlier the world was ending.A nineteen year old girl searches Gaza City for the exact location where her father was killed twenty years earlier.An old American soldier wanders the plaza in guard detail. His mind is filled with the war he fought at this very place twenty years earlier.A lone Jihadist returns from exile to seek martyrdom on the very spot where the sword of Allah promised him his wildest dreams.Three souls are fated to collide upon a single point of time and upon a single point on the earth.A wild ride into an alternate history twenty-years from today. Peace dwells in Gaza City. In this history, three ...
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