Janet Michelson
Publisher: JM Press
Pages: 38

Take a ride on Chew Chew the Food Chain Train. Made entirelyof fruits and vegetables, she loves to teach children to love good food whileimproving their health. Come along and see her special restaurant where thebuffet comes to the tables. All aboard!This book would be suitable for Kindle Free Time users, home schools, andclassrooms. It is appropriate for ages 3-8. This is not a book about foodgroups or a balanced diet. The focus is teaching clean eating of whole foods asan approach to better health and the prevention of chronic disease. The goal isto introduce the concept of food as medicine. It is designed to be read by anadult and child together, to facilitate discussion of food choices. Futurebooks will address other aspects of the food we eat such as considerations whenplanting a garden. Chew Chew will discuss creating organic compost, the use ofpesticides, herbicides ...
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