A R Lowe
Publisher: Postlethwaite Press
Pages: 165

SPANISH JOURNALS - THE POSTHUMOUS DIARY OF AN EXPAT is a hilarious blow by blow account of six unforgettable months in the life of an expatriate Englishman.Ernest Postlethwaite was a man embarking on a new life. No longer for him the routine and drudgery of the commuter. The first part of his groundbreaking journal charters the course of a man on a mission to achieve cultural and linguistic integration in a small village in southern Spain. This unadulterated manuscript will bring tears to the eyes of the most hard-hearted among us, as we follow his footsteps into the great unknown.'This diary, written by my late husband Ernest Postlethwaite, has been published expressly against his wishes, but with the full and hearty endorsement of my family and friends.' - From the introduction by Pamela Postlethwaite.
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