J.W. Bouchard
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 249

RISE OF THE ZOMBIE-KILLING NERDS…When a Chinese space shuttle carrying mysterious cargo crash lands in the small town of Trudy, Iowa, a group of nerdy horror movie buffs must band together to stop an outbreak that is bringing the dead back to life and turning the rest of the population into brain-eating zombies.THEY’RE STILL NOT HAPPY ABOUT BEING PICKED ON IN HIGH SCHOOL…Armed with their considerable knowledge of bad cinema and an ice cream truck full of stolen guns, they will battle the infected to save their town and to keep the outbreak from spreading to the entire world.TO THE FAINT OF HEART…This book is full of gore, humor, and more cheesy one-liners than you can shake a stick at.WHAT FICTITIOUS READERS ARE SAYING…“If John Hughes and George Romero had a love child, this would be it.” “The Breakfast Club with zombies!” “A zombie book with heart…and brains!”
Amazon Rating:
4.5 stars from 37 ratings
BookLending.com Rating:
4.5 stars from 1 rating