Allen Peppitt
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 232

JFK: ENDGAME DALLAS - Time traveler John Youngblood thinks there’s a future in raking up the past. That is why, armed with previously unreleased files, he travels back 300 years to the time of JFK’s assassination. His aim is to right a few historical wrongs.Helping him are hard-living, womanizing lawyer, Rufus Jones & streetwise Dallas cop, Darlene Andrews. For this unlikely couple, you could say it is "love at first fight." But as destiny takes a detour, their feelings for each other deepen as they get dragged dangerously into the conspiracy. "Combine what has to be the greatest conspiracy generator of the 20th Century with an explosive romance, throw in some biting satire, a good measure of time travel & the result is one very original novel." Genre. This is the tricky bit…. Sci-fi – conspiracy Theory – Time Travel Editor's Note: This is not a book for those who like to ...
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