Kathryn Alice
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Pages: 37

Releasing a Person was first a workshop and then a bestselling CD that popular love guru Kathryn Alice created to help those suffering with the deepest attachment we face: that to another person. It has produced MIRACLES for those have used it.For the first time, this material is being made available in book format. It will help you:• Relieve the pain of a break-up or divorce• Heal from heartbreak• Dissolve a pesky attachment that is putting your life on hold• Possibly work it out with the person you’re releasing (Kathryn calls this “The Phenomenon” in the book)• Free yourself for the REAL love that awaits you beyond tie• Get beyond a “crazy love” situation that is making you miserableKathryn Alice, author of the Amazon bestselling book Love Will Find You, has helped tens of thousands go beyond heartbreak to find the love of their lives. She has taught in over 50 cities internationally ...
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