Jean Marie Bauhaus
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 429

★★★★★ “An Imaginative Depiction of Post-Apocalyptic Vampire/Zombie Dystopia.” - Amazon ReaderIn a world where vampires rule, zombies roam and humans are penned up like cattle, Hannah Jordan just wants to survive and keep her baby brother from becoming monster food. Falling for one of the monsters isn't on the agenda.Nursing student Hannah Jordan expected to spend spring break welcoming her new brother into the world. She didn't expect to deliver him herself in her family's backyard bunker as her mother lay dying from a bite wound. Newly orphaned with a baby to raise while the her neighbors tear each other apart outside, Hannah only knows one thing for certain: all the survival training her daddy put her through didn't prepare her for this.Months later, Hannah emerges from the safety of her shelter to find that zombies are the least of her problems. Hunted, abducted and ...
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