June Kessler
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New Year’s marks the end of the busy holiday season; with parties and the traditional New Year’s Lucky dinner. We have made a collection of some of our favorite New Years Eve party recipes for appetizers, snacks, and drinks; also a collection of traditional New Year’s Day recipes to bring you good luck, fortune and health in the New Year. Greens for dollars: Black eyed peas: for money and wealth: Cornbread: Because of its gold color symbolizes gold; Fish: Symbol of moving forward, shrimp for a long life. Noodles: Eating long noodles is said to give you long life: Pork: Wealth and prosperity Grapes: Eat 12 Grapes at midnight December 31st one for each stroke of the bell and also or each month of the year. To bring a year of prosperity and, it is also believed that the tradition wards away witches and general evil.Lobster should not be eaten on New Year's Day because the lobster ...
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