Liam Naden
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 42

Are you feeling desperate because you want to save your marriage - but your spouse doesn't want to?Perhaps they are involved with someone else or have simply had enough.Don't despair! There IS a way to get them to come back to you.In this volume of the acclaimed "Growing in Love for Life" series, marriage and relationship coach Liam Naden will show you:- the 5 things you must NOT do if you want your spouse to stay. If you are doing ANY these it is very likely that you will drive them away completely.- the 7 steps you MUST take to ensure they want to stay with you and work on your marriage- how to get your spouse back if they have already left or are in another relationship- how to get your spouse to find you irresistibly attractive so that they want to be with you more than anyone else- how to start healing the hurt in your marriage and rebuild trust and intimacy againand much ...
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