A. O'Connor
Publisher: Poolbeg Press
Pages: 504

“Downton’ fans, you’ll love this big house, Engrossing and imaginative” - Irish IndependentBetrayal, deceit, revenge, obsession – one house, one family, three generationsCan a house keep secrets?1840’s – When Lord Edward Armstrong builds the house for his bride, Anna, the family is at the climax of its power. But its world is threatened when no heir is born. Anna could restore their fortunes, but it would mean the ultimate betrayal. Then the Great Famine grips the country.1910s – Clara finds life as lady of the manor is not what she expected when she married Pierce Armstrong. As the First World War rages, she finds solace in artist Johnny Seymour’s decadent circle. Then the War of Independence erupts and Clara is caught between two men, deceit and revenge.Present Day – When Kate Fallon sees the house it is love at first sight. She and her tycoon husband Tony buy it and hire the last ...
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