Alex Albrinck
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 392

New to the series? Start with A Question of Will.---[Book 2 of 8]It was his mission to save her life. But first... he'd need to convince her that hers was a life worth saving.Will Stark finds himself on a mission. He must use his new Energy abilities - abilities long thought the realm of magic by humanity - and his army of self-aware nanobots to save the life of a young woman named Elizabeth.Elizabeth is treated as if she is a slave, forced to endure all manner of human testing to find the method to unlock all human potential. It is treatment encouraged by a man named Arthur - her father - and it is her fondest wish that her father treat her as his beloved child rather than a piece of property. She refuses to leave until she's reformed him, for she believes that if he cannot change, she herself is predestined to be a monster, and a person not worthy of living. She'll fight to change ...
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