John Lock
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 275

Manchester was onc one of England's biggest and most successful cities. But now? It was important in the Victorian era, right enough, but the 20th century is a totally different matter, and the City Fathers are panicking: what can be done to take their city into the new century? How can they raise their profile in the world, and help people to know that it's not all about coal mines, canals and railways. Wow, they've even got computers now. Then the idea hits: bid for the Olympic Games, and bask in the shiny sunlight that the world's media would enblazon onto the lucky recipient. But Manchester? Some people have their doubts that anybody would vote for this backwater. What chance have they got? (Especially as not all residents are behind the idea, and are setting out to wreck the plans - no matter what the price. Or the prize.)
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