T Watkins
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 192

Bill Johnson is the envy of his friends. He’s handsome and confident. He has a sports car and a Harley. He sleeps with hot Hooter’s waitresses. Recently single at age thirty-four, Bill is having the carefree swinging youth he never had. His son Jake is almost finished with high school, and Bill feels like he’s just about done with that child-raising part of life while his friends are just getting started. Now onto fun and adventure. But in the midst of an emergency when Bill hears from his dad that he isn’t Jake’s father, his life and his understanding of his place in the world spin out of control. Bill is suddenly consumed by the relentless ticking biological clock in the base of his skull that tells him his whole purpose in life is to procreate, and that he hasn’t really done it yet. No one is safe from Bill’s sudden unrelenting need to impregnate someone at any cost ...
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