Don Dennis
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Pages: 200

February 1968. The TET Offensive.A chopper medevac that's a race to save a Vietnamese girl's life, exploding flags that shoot down helicopters, a "Bilko"-like sergeant who smuggles bar girls into an American field hospital for the pleasure of wounded marines, a one eyed Quartermaster who talks like a pirate, an Australian soldier who's accidentally awarded the Purple Heart and a paranoid staff officer who thinks he's Napoleon re-incarnated, make up just some of the characters and events in this true story.Second lieutenant "Ned" Kelly wants nothing to do with the Vietnam War. A reluctant draftee who figures becoming an officer is a ticket to a comfortable existence, after attending a "180 day wonder" course, he finds himself posted to Vietnam as the operations officer of a fledgling army aviation recon squadron. The problem is he's hopelessly out of his depth.But to his surprise he ...
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