J Gordon Smith
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 319

Will Anna's love survive the vampires?Includes volumes #1 & #3 of The Vampires Of Livix Trilogy.The front door exploded free of its hinges. Glass and wood shrapnel shattered across the room bouncing from furniture and walls. Garin tucked me protectively behind his body as across the broken threshold strode three snarling vampires. We recognized their master –Once Patent Attorney Anna Arkena meets the handsome and intriguing vampire Garin Ramsburgh, a bold Investment Analyst at Draydon Financial, she quickly learns how her life in the small mid-western town of Livix will change.The Vampires of Livix cringe as these two become close – mixing with vampires always ends badly. But the problems escalate in fifty ways as outside interests pressure Garin’s wealthy family to sell their successful military parts business amid faked financial losses while international terrorist and militia ...
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4 stars from 4 ratings
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