Dennis Butler
ASIN: B00AR28486
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 299

There are those among us who are so pure that even in death their compassion for the human race carries onIn an old book store in a quaint little town in rural New Hampshire, a spiral staircase leads to a small loft with a special section of books. The staircase is roped off, but Tim Jamieson becomes curious when he keeps seeing the same mysterious old man coming and going from the loft. Tim’s curiosity gets the best of him and he finally approaches the old man to ask him what kind of books are up in the loft. The old man tells Tim that he should forget about the loft. When Tim continues to question him, the old man tells Tim that his life may change drastically, if he does climb the stairway. Tim is too curious and he cannot heed the old man’s warning.Each book Tim reads from the special bookcase leads him down a path that may change his life forever. Tim must look deep inside ...
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