V. Ritchie Pruehs
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 962

Have you ever set out to read your Bible only to get stuck in Leviticus, the prophecies of Ezekiel, the seemingly endless lists of First and Second Chronicles, or the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew or Luke? It’s common to start out determined to read through the Bible only to get bored, confused, or discouraged as you struggle through genealogies, prophecy, or sanctuary rituals.Prophecy, genealogy, and sanctuary rituals all have their proper place within the bounds of Bible study. But for the new believer, these things can be difficult and confusing. To resolve this difficulty, I created The Story Bible. The idea was to remove from the text those things that are complicated and/or confusing for the new believer, or for anyone who is new to Bible reading. For example, the books of First and Second Chronicles contain some great stories. But they include so many numbers and lists ...
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