Sara Alexi
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 314

WARNING! If you read this book on the beach you may lose track of time and get sunburnt...A real page-turner and evocative of a lovely life style perhaps lost to many of us in the modern world - Dad PadIn a tangible portrayal of rural Greek Life, The Explosive Nature of Friendship is a compelling tale of humour, heartache and regret as we follow one man’s reflection of his unruly and mischievous past.Easily led in his younger years, Mitsos would often find himself hurtling head first down the wrong path, usually with his best friend Manolis leading the way. Old Greek traditions of arranged marriage and inheritance strongly influence the choices of two wilful young men, eventually culminating in life changing consequences.Now an old man leading a life of solitude and order, Mitsos’ less eventful existence is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of his young nephew. In a bid to amuse ...
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