Jean E Wayne
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Pages: 25

An Introduction to the GMO Disaster - A Crime Against Humanity. Multinational companies have been granted a "Patent" for Life! The very seed provided by God as the perfect health for man is forever being altered. Once we have lost the organic seed and soil, it is gone forever. We the people of the World have a right to healthy Food, Water & Air. It is not owned or patented by anyone. People are sicker today than ever in history with new ailments daily. We must eradicate GMO on all levels. Next, in these evil laboratories is GMO animals, insects & babies.Learn how these multinational companies have created a monopoly on seeds. The farmers of the world are being held hostage by GMO seed. There has never been any independent studies on the affect of GMO's on human beings. We are the experiment and it is not going well for us, the humans. Once again, this is about pure greed. The ...
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