Johi Jenkins
Publisher: Johi Jenkins
Pages: 329

Resurgence (Paranormal Romance)Brielle Marshall's life completely changes on a random Tuesday in high school, during a five-minute encounter with a gorgeous stranger. On her way to an assembly, a boy grabs her hand and asks if she remembers him. While she doesn't, there is something about him that reminds her of long ago. He tells her she needs to skip the meeting; that their lives depend on it.Attracted to the mysterious boy, Brielle does as she is told—she escapes high school, with her head filled with him. He leaves, but it isn't long before he returns and she finds out the truth: that when she was an adult she traveled through time, and is now reliving her life. That she had supernatural abilities before, which she must regain. But most importantly, she needs to remember her previous life, if she wishes to avoid a devastating future…Resurgence is tailored for a young adult ...
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