Lawson McDowell
Publisher: RAWR Publishing Company
Pages: 27

A quick read, true story. In 2019, America marked the 50th anniversary of the horrific Manson Family murders in Los Angeles. If you’ve ever wondered how a child could grow into one of the world’s most sinister criminals, this short story is a great starting point. The tale is based on actual events related by Manson to the author. The underlying event is noted in several non-fiction books and articles. This story chronicles twelve-year-old Manson’s escape from Father Gibault’s Boys Home in Terra Haute, Indiana and his desperate cross-country trek to join his mother in Indianapolis. The powerful telling remains close to the actual occurrence. It is marked by unique subject, evocative language and unexpected turns. If you are expecting a formula Manson thriller, clear your mind for something completely different. This 2020 updated edition contains new information including an ...
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