Dianne E. Butts
ASIN: B00AW4H624
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Pages: 236

Unplanned pregnancy? Now? Or in your past? You are not alone. Unplanned pregnancies affect women, men, families, and even friends -- everyone associated with the couple.Women fear an unknown future. Loved ones often fear her decision about the outcome of her pregnancy.Now you can get help from others who have been there. Through this collection of 50+ true stories shared by women and men who have lived through unplanned pregnancies, see what they chose, how it affected them, and how it all turned out. Uplifting. Encouraging. Enlightening. Deliver Me offers practical help, valuable resources, and well-researched facts.For you, Lord, have delivered me from death,    my eyes from tears,    my feet from stumbling,  that I may walk before the Lord    in the land of the living.                                        Psalm 116:8-9, NIV
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