August Fournier
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Among the merits of Fournier's Napoleon should be mentioned the thorough research upon which the narrative is based, the interesting, vivid, and at times dramatic style in which it is written, its broad historical spirit and impartiality of judgment, its excellent proportions, not allotting undue space to certain phases nor neglecting the civil side of Napoleon's career, and, finally, its lucid exposition of the general historical situation and of the various contending factors."The purpose of the following pages is to recount briefly and simply for the benefit of the wide circle of cultivated readers the rise, the ventures, and the achievements of a man of incomparable historical importance." - August FournierContents: The Bonapartes in Corsica. Napoleon's Birth and Early Training. The Revolution. Napoleon's Corsican Adventures. The Siege of Toulon and the Defence of the Convention. ...
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