David Alastair Hayden
Publisher: Typing Cat Press
Pages: 237

The Tales of Pawan Kor can be read in any order.Breskaro Varenni zealously followed the bright goddess Seshalla. He was a hero and a legend, the greatest knight of the age. But his most trusted friends betrayed him to the swords of infidels and his goddess abandoned him, denying him Paradise.In death Breskaro refused to fade into Oblivion, like lesser lost souls. Instead, he wandered the Shadowland for seven years until a dark goddess offered him the one thing only she could give, the one thing that still mattered to him... A chance to save his precious Orisala from a fate worse than his own.Returned as a wreck of embalmed flesh animated by sorcery, with a host of the desperate and the undead under his command, Breskaro will do whatever it takes to save Orisala, no matter the odds and no matter the consequences.David Alastair Hayden returns to the exotic land of Pawan Kor, first seen in ...
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