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Learn Everything You Need To Know About TeaThe world of premium quality tea is every bit as complex and fascinating as wine, and 19 Lessons On Tea is the ultimate guide to everything you need to know about this healthy and flavorful daily indulgence.- Are you interested in learning about tea but don't know where to start?- Do you want to impress your friends or business associates with your knowledge?- Have you been drinking tea for a while but want to round out your knowledge or become a true connoisseur?- ...or do you simply want to walk into your local tea shop and know enough to order something you'll enjoy?Read this book and in a few hours and you'll be set for all this and more.Novice Or Pro, You'll Benefit From This BookIf you're new to tea, we guarantee you'll walk away from our lessons feeling confident enough to talk tea with the most experienced tea experts. You will gain ...
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