Barry J McDonald
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 22

If this fun color dog book for kids, you're about to discover the story  of Finn and his request for a dog from his mum. But not just any normal  pooch will do. From crazy flying dogs to dogs that can drive, this boy  wants a dog like no other....or does he???...(you'll need to get a copy  to find out!) From the very funny colorful pictures of crazy  zany dogs to the funny verses throughout. This book is one you'll want  to make part of your children's kindle collection today. Scroll up and  grab your copy of "I Want A Dog!" now, both you and your child will be glad you  did. Discover now why reviewers call Barry J McDonald's books a treasure that you simply can't afford to miss out on having. You're  guaranteed not to be disappointed, scroll up now to download your  copy. Filled with big bright illustrations, this is one of those children's books that your little one will ...
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