Bridget Burnett
Publisher: Bridget Burnett
Pages: 281

A Standalone Story, with an ending. Book 2 (The Princess and the Clown: Oliver's Story) continues Andrea's story...because, well...there's always more.After a bitter family argument 18-year-old Andrea runs away from home. She heads to the nearest city and rents a room in a rundown boarding house, regretting her hasty flight from the family farm but afraid to return home to face her angry father. She finds a job at a bookstore and settles into a comfortable routine, determined to put the past behind her and start a new life. But all those unwanted memories of home come flooding back at the oddest moments. How long can she live like this, when the past won't stay in the past...An avid ice skater, she devotes all of her spare time to practicing a difficult jump at the local rink. The mainstay of her existence is the special bond she forms with Oliver, the oddly dressed pantomime clown she ...
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