Wyatt Michaels
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 48

Who in the Bible?How good is your knowledge about the characters in the New Testament of the Bible? Are you able to name the servant girl that answered the door after Peter was miraculously released from prison? Or the generous and prayerful centurion that called for Peter to come to his house? What about who came to Jesus at night to ask questions?One of the most integral parts of the Christian faith is the Bible (or as it sometimes called, the Good Book). Often, it’s a sign of devotion when someone has a fair amount of knowledge of the characters and stories that are contained within the pages. With the Bible Facts for Fun! New Testament, you can show off how much you know about Bible characters, or, even better, increase your or your children’s knowledge of it with the book’s fun game format. Because of its format, this book creates the perfect game to any church or social ...
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