John Herrick
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 208

The power of a song: It can ignite a heart, heal a soul-or for Danny Bale, resurrect a destiny.When songwriter Danny escaped to the Atlantic coast seven years ago, he laid to rest his unrequited affection for childhood friend Meghan Harting. Now Danny, haunted by an inner stronghold and determined to win Meghan back, must create a masterpiece and battle for the heart of the only woman who understands his music. As memories resurface, Danny and Meghan embark on parallel journeys of self-discovery-and a collision course to seal their mutual fate.The perfect beach read and a character-driven page turner in the tradition of Nicholas Sparks, THE LANDING has warmed the hearts of readers whose passions include mainstream fiction best sellers by Jodi Picoult, and John Green, as well as other romance, coming of age, and new adult novels. Available as a Kindle Unlimited title."A powerful ...
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