Peter Smythe
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 25

Faith is a big word in the Bible. Faith, in fact, is the foundation for the Christian life. But not all Christians are on the same level of faith. The Apostle Paul writes about those with strong faith and those with weak. He instructs Christians to get established in their faith so they won't be tossed around by fads or error-prone doctrines. This short, little book (short on purpose, Christian books don't need to be all that long) lays out six key New Testament truths which will strengthen the faith walk of the New Testament believer. Writing StyleSix Keys to Big Faith is written in a condensed style, heavily grounded in scripture. It's intended not only to give the believer a firm grip of New Testament faith, but also to be a handy reference guide for further study and devotion. Click to Look InsideWe encourage you to "Click to Look Inside" to read the first few pages.
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