Nicole Grotepas
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 271

Begin transmission: My name is Retta Heikkinen and I'm in love with an android.You're thinking I'm a rebel and totally disgusting. Besides being against the rules, blue hearts—androids—are MACHINES. They’re not like us on the inside with their blue, blue hearts, which are different from one of those pulsing, living and red hearts that humans have. I’m broadcasting this message because of love—which is the best reason to do anything (isn’t it?). Now is the time. We need to recognize that the blue hearts are more than just wetware and programming: they’re alive. They feel. They have the capacity to love, to dream, and perhaps most dreadful (considering how they’ve been treated): to be hurt.If you’re reading this message, I need you. If your heart can be changed, let it transform, embrace that transformation, and join the resistance. The world we know hangs in the ...
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